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My father is slouched,
Deep in his slumber.
Eagerly I beam
Not meaning to encumber. 

There'll be time tomorrow
To frolic and play,
My dad and I'll
Chase the clouds away! 

Blinking my eyes, I rise

Like Jesus is risen, and then,
forgotten but still lost
His stupor couldn't yield. 

Where were those tomorrows
ln our separate yesterdays?
A lifetime of memories cancelled 
Due to cowardice delays. 

My father has passed
Into eternal slumber.
Your dad will too one day,

if he hasn't already died.
Praise the living or else.

To be me

I think... oh I know!

Eric Badgers called
me "too extreme"
But if you take out the "E"
then ur left with what
you need
to be meh

Awkard nights,
quirky days
rare and unique couch
to me me heheh

So awkard I feel
sassy and girly
I guess that's just
what it's like 
to be me.